McNamara DuraPosts

Tired of replacing rotting wooden posts? Choose the high quality alternative… DuraPosts

In recent years, the problem of failing farm fencing posts has become particularly common. From more than 22 years of experience in the fencing business, McNamara Fencing has learned which posts last and which ones don’t.

McNamara Fencing DuraPosts are manufactured from imported European Larch, Scots Pine and Douglas Fir. These species are naturally durable and retain more preservative than Native whitewood (Spruce). They are strictly dried to low moisture content and only when dry enough, they are Pressure treated with Genuine Coal Tar Creosote for maximum penetration.

DuraPosts are treated using Genuine Coal Tar Creosote (which, contrary to popular belief, is still available for commercial and agricultural use) as it is the oldest and most reliable wood preservative available as evidenced by its usage in electricity poles across the country.

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