Superknot Sheep & Livestock Fence

The Strongest, Most Robust and longest lasting Stock fence available!

Unique Superknot Construction

superknot-example-1superknot_logo_120pxSuperknot Sheep & Livestock fence is constructed using the unique ‘Superknot’. This revolutionary knot fixes the vertical wire in place ensuring that it cannot be moved out of place by stock.

The Superknot also allows for wider spaces between the vertical wires as there is no danger of stock putting their heads between the verticals and moving them out of place.

This feature gives the fence far greater vertical rigidity than conventional stock fence.
The Superknot is smooth, with no sharp edges that could damage an animal’s hide or fleece.

Requires Fewer Posts.

Unlike traditional sheep fence, Superknot Sheep & Livestock fence is constructed with a single uncut vertical wire. This construction allows the vertical wire to act like a batten and supports the horizontal wires. This allows Superknot to be installed with up to 50% fewer posts than traditional High Tensile stock fencing.

CodeHeightVertical Wire SpacingHorizontal Wire SpacingWire SizeRoll Length
SK 8/80/1580cm/32"15cm/6"Graduated2.5mm HT100m
SK 6/80/2280cm/32"22cm/9"Graduated2.5mm HT100m
SK 8/80/3080cm/32"30cm/12"Graduated2.5mm HT100m

SK8/80/15 configuration

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