Close Board Fencing

Close Board Fencing

Superior Timber

McNamara Fencing’s Close Board Fencing is manufactured from imported Redwood (Pine), Larch and Douglas Fir only as opposed to Native Whitewood (Spruce). These species are more naturally more durable than native timbers and retain higher levels of preservative.

Superior Treatment

McNamara Fencing’s Close Board Fencing is preserved to the highest standards. Before undergoing pressure treatment, our timber is dried to low moisture content. Only then is the timber pressure-treated with genuine coal tar creosote or where creosote is not suitable water-borne preservatives can also be specified.

Suitable For Horses

Unlike other preservatives, pressure-creosoted timber does not contain salt and is therefore unpalatable for horses to crib. It is therefore the only suitable treated wood option for horse paddocks, arenas or lunging rings. McNamara Fencing stock a full range of rails, boards and kickboards for all equestrian applications.

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