Flexible Rail Horse Fence

McNamara Fencing’s Flexible Rail System is a continuous flexible polyethylene rail with three high tensile steel wires embedded in the plastic to give strength to the rail.

This rail is a tensioned fence and acts like a belt around your paddock. The rail is attached to wooden posts with steel brackets, which allow the rail to move in and out when pressure is applied to the rail at any point along the fence line.


  • Bracket system allows fence rail to flex in event of impact and cushion any impact without damaging the fence
  • 1.8 tonnes breaking strength ensures that no animal will get through the fence
  • Easily re-tensioned if required
  • No painting required
  • Extremely durable: withstands cribbing, kicking and is UV stabilised
  • Black, brown or white colours available
  • Easy to use tensioners.


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