Superknot Horse Mesh Fencing


Durable Superknot ensures fence wires cannot be pushed out of place by stock. It is smooth with no sharp edges.


Superknot Safe Wire Mesh for Horses and Other Livestock


Maximum Safety
  • Very close (2” wide) vertical wire spacing and 4” horizontal wire spacing minimises the chances of a hoof becoming entangled.
  • Springy texture provides safety in the event of an animal colliding with the fence.
  • Unique Superknot has no sharp edges and ensures wires cannot be moved.


Strong, Long Lasting and Low Maintenance
  • Manufactured using 2.5mm High tensile wire throughout which allows for longer intervals between posts and a stronger self supporting fence.
  • Allows pastures to be stocked with any type of animal with total peace of mind, while keeping unwanted wildlife/dogs out.
  • Galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A using Zinc or Zinc Aluminium Alloy Coatings

Extremely Versatile
  • 5′ and 6′ Superknot Mesh is a great alternative to chainlink for dog runs, dog pens and also for poultry fencing.

Sizes Available

CodeHeightVertical Wire SpacingHorizontal Wire Spacing

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