Oak Railway Sleepers

McNamara Fencing supply a range of new Oak Railway Sleepers suitable for garden and landscaping uses.

Naturally durable Hardwood

Oak is a naturally durable hardwood that is suitable for ground contact application without any chemical preservatives. This makes it very suitable for applications where children or plants may be in contact with the sleepers.

Optional Pressure Treatment available

We can also supply these sleepers pressure treated with water-borne preservative where extended life is required or pressure creosoted for maximum life expectancy in non-domestic applications.


Mini Sleeper2.2m200mm100mmUntreated
Large Sleeper2.6m225mm125mmUntreated
Mini Sleeper - Pressure Treated2.2m200mm100mmPressure treated with Impralit KDS
Large Sleeper - Pressure Treated2.6m225mm125mmPressure treated with Impralit KDS
Mini Sleeper - Pressure Creosoted2.2m200mm100mmPressure Creosoted
Large Sleeper - Pressure Creosoted2.6m225mm125mmPressure Creosoted



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