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Superknot Security Mesh Fencing Galfan Coated

superknot-example-1superknot_logo_120pxThe Superknot Security Fence System delivers a more secure barrier than traditional security fencing systems. Using the unique high tensile Superknot security netting, superior strength posts, specialised fixings and solid galvanised brackets, the Superknot Security Fence system delivers medium to high security without the expense.

Superior Security

The Superknot system performs significantly better than Chainlink against cut attack and ram raid. A successful cut attack against the Superknot system requires the attacker to cut each line and stay wire individually to create a gap large enough to get through. The combination of high tensile line and stay wires (800-1550mpa), and the small aperture used in the Superknot System, makes this very time consuming putting the offender at greater risk of being caught.

Smart, visually discreet appearance… year after year

Superknot is made using High tensile wire which won’t ever stretch or sag, this is in contrast to Chainlink which is manufactured from mild steel wire that can stretch and sag over time.

Faster & Easier to Install

Unlike Chainlink, Superknot doesn’t require any line wires to support it. It also unrolls easily and requires very little tension to remove slack from the fence. We have developed a range of fixings for the Superknot, which make installation of the fence rapid and easy.

Best possible protection against Corrosion

Superknot comes with the best possible corrosion protection as standard. Superknot is galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A using Zinc only or 95% Zinc/ 5% aluminium (GALFAN) coated wires

Superknot ZA conforms to Specifications RCD/300/20 and RCD/300/21.

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