Superknot Horse Safe Mesh

Superknot™ Horse safe Mesh

Strong, Versatile and long lasting.

best fencing for horse and farm

Maximum Safety

Very close (50mm wide) vertical wire spacing and 100mm horizontal wire spacing minimises the chances of a hoof becoming entangled.

Springy texture provides safety in the event of an animal colliding with the fence.

Unique Superknot has no sharp edges and ensures wires cannot be moved by livestock.

Strong, Long Lasting And Low Maintenance

Manufactured using 2.5mm High tensile wire throughout which allows for longer intervals between posts and a stronger self supporting fence.

Allows pastures to be stocked with any type of animal with total peace of mind, while keeping unwanted wildlife/dogs out.

Galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A using GALFAN® Zinc/Aluminium Alloy Coating for 2 to 3 times the life of Heavy galvanised wire


Extremely Versatile

Superknot Horse Mesh is incredibly versatile and allows paddocks to be safely stocked with Horses, Foals, Cattle or Sheep.

Durable Superknot ensures fence wires cannot be pushed out of place by stock. It is smooth with no sharp edges.

Rolls of Mesh

SKZA10/90/5Superknot ZA Horse Mesh 3' / 0.9m High (10/90/5)251.73501.08 Inc. VAT

251.73501.08 Inc. VAT

Superknot ZA Horse Mesh 4' / 1.22m High (13/122/5)351.89699.66 Inc. VAT

351.89699.66 Inc. VAT

Superknot ZA Horse Mesh 4' 4" / 1.3m High (14/130/5)351.89722.99 Inc. VAT

351.89722.99 Inc. VAT

SKZA16/152/5x50Superknot ZA Horse Mesh 5' / 1.52m High (16/152/5)444.40 Inc. VAT

444.40 Inc. VAT

Superknot ZA Horse / Mammal Proof Mesh 6' / 1.83m High (19/180/5)539.001,060.86 Inc. VAT

539.001,060.86 Inc. VAT


Mesh Joiners & Fasteners

TCLIPGripple T-Clip1.02 Inc. VAT

1.02 Inc. VAT

GRIPPLEMGripple wire joiner/tensioner: Medium each1.23 Inc. VAT

1.23 Inc. VAT


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CP2115075Creosoted Post: 2.1m 150mm x 75mm27.05 Inc. VAT

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End / Corner Post Assembly98.82132.24 Inc. VAT

98.82132.24 Inc. VAT


Top Boards

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Mesh Fencing Tools

WIRECUTTER8" Basic Wire Cutter27.99 Inc. VAT

27.99 Inc. VAT

CLAMPSTRAINERClamp Strainer c/w 20' Chain75.01 Inc. VAT

75.01 Inc. VAT

Fixed knot wire Clamps110.00164.00 Inc. VAT

110.00164.00 Inc. VAT


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