Tired of replacing rotting wooden posts? Choose the high quality Creosoted Posts from McNamara Fencing…


In recent years, the problem of failing farm fencing posts has become particularly common.

From more than 30 years of experience in the fencing industry, McNamara Fencing has learned which posts last and which ones don’t.

McNamara Fencing DuraPosts are manufactured from slow grown imported Redwood. This species is naturally more durable and retains more preservative than Native whitewood (Spruce). Our Creosoted Posts are strictly dried to low moisture content and only when dry enough, they are Pressure treated with Genuine Coal Tar Creosote for maximum penetration.

McNamara Fencing Creosoted Posts are treated using Genuine Coal Tar Creosote (which, contrary to popular belief, is still available for commercial and agricultural use) as it is the oldest and most reliable wood preservative available as evidenced by its usage in electricity poles across the country.

creosoted duraposts

Creosoted posts are pressure treated to ensure full preservative penetration of the sapwood..

Machine Round Creosoted Posts

ImageSKULength (m)Diameter (mm)Nom. LengthNom. DiameterPriceBuy
CP13574.49 Excl. VAT
CP1574.74 Excl. VAT
CP1586.20 Excl. VAT

6.20 Excl. VAT

CP15109.67 Excl. VAT
CP1651011.67 Excl. VAT
CP251753.17 Excl. VAT

53.17 Excl. VAT

CS271014.49 Excl. VAT
CP181012.20 Excl. VAT
CP1887.82 Excl. VAT
CP211011.28 Excl. VAT
CP241224.29 Excl. VAT

24.29 Excl. VAT

CP211221.13 Excl. VAT
CP211425.23 Excl. VAT

25.23 Excl. VAT

CP211634.52 Excl. VAT
CP181217.56 Excl. VAT
CP241640.77 Excl. VAT

40.77 Excl. VAT

CP272069.65 Excl. VAT
CP301227.87 Excl. VAT

27.87 Excl. VAT

CP251430.62 Excl. VAT
CP301862.71 Excl. VAT

62.71 Excl. VAT

80.34107.51 Excl. VAT

80.34107.51 Excl. VAT

CP361884.28 Excl. VAT

84.28 Excl. VAT


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