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Product Landing Page – Example

Product Landing Page – Example

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Electric Horse Cable was designed from the outset to be a safe fence for horses. Due to it’s high-tensile steel core the fence reduces the chance of the fence “wrapping around” your horses should they impact it. Smooth Polymer coating protects the horse’s skin from abrasions or grazes.


Electric horse cable’s minimum breaking strength is 635 kgs per wire.


Electric horse cable is conductive, making it also suitable for holding cattle and because the fence is electrified animals will not abuse the fence.

The Perfect Stand-Alone Fence

Electric horse cable is perfect as a standalone fence with 1 or more strands of cable. Electric horse cable is also available in black making it ideal for electrifying existing post and rail fences.


Total Diameter: 8mm
Steel Core: 2.5mm High Tensile wire galvanised to BS 10244 Class A

Highly Conductive

Electric Horse Cable is a polyethylene coated 2.5mm high tensile steel wire with multiple strips of conductive carbon carrying the electrical current from the wire to the surface. 


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