Superknot Horse Safe Mesh

Superknot™ Deer & Wildlife Fence

Strong, Versatile and long lasting.

Superknot deer fence

Maximum Safety

Superknot Sheep & Livestock fence is constructed using the unique ‘Superknot’. This revolutionary knot fixes the vertical wire in place ensuring that it cannot be moved out of place by Deer. The unique Superknot construction is 24% stronger than any other fixed-knot deer fencing and lends itself to easier installation of the fence and a requirement for fewer posts.

Strong, Long Lasting And Low Maintenance

Manufactured using 2.5mm High tensile wire throughout which allows for longer intervals between posts and a stronger self supporting fence.

Galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A using GALFAN® Zinc/Aluminium Alloy Coating for 2 to 3 times the life of Heavy galvanised wire


Requires Fewer Posts.

Unlike Hinge Joint Deer Fence fence, Superknot Deer & Wildlife fence is constructed with a single uncut vertical wire. This construction allows the vertical wire to act like a batten and supports the horizontal wires.

This allows Superknot to be installed with up to 50% fewer posts than hinge joint deer fencing.

Durable Superknot ensures fence wires cannot be pushed out of place by stock. It is smooth with no sharp edges.

Rolls of Mesh

SKZA13/190/15x100Superknot Deer Fence: 13/190/15 x 100m roll442.68 Inc. VAT

442.68 Inc. VAT


Mesh Joiners & Fasteners

TCLIPGripple T-Clip1.02 Inc. VAT

1.02 Inc. VAT

GRIPPLEMGripple wire joiner/tensioner: Medium each1.23 Inc. VAT

1.23 Inc. VAT


Recommended Posts

CP3012Creosoted DuraPost: 3.0m x 120mm34.28 Inc. VAT

34.28 Inc. VAT

CP3618Creosoted DuraPost: 3.6m x 180mm103.66 Inc. VAT

103.66 Inc. VAT


Mesh Fencing Tools

WIRECUTTER8" Basic Wire Cutter27.99 Inc. VAT

27.99 Inc. VAT

CLAMPSTRAINERClamp Strainer c/w 20' Chain75.01 Inc. VAT

75.01 Inc. VAT

Fixed knot wire Clamps110.00164.00 Inc. VAT

110.00164.00 Inc. VAT


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