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Formula 7® Fence Post Warranty Registration Form

Please complete this form and return it to McNamara Fencing to activate your Formula 7® Fence Post Warranty.

    Customer Information:

    Installer Information:

    Supplier’s Information:

    Installation Information:

    Location of Installed Fence: The easiest way to send us this information is to print out a satellite map from Google Earth and mark in your fence lines (see example on next page) alternatively fill out the following:

    Installation Information (circle appropriate answer):

    Were there any cut or notched sections in the posts?

    Were these sections treated with an end grain preservative?

    Were any posts set in concrete?

    Were any other brands of fence post used in the construction of the fence lines described above?


    I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Formula 7® Fence Post Warranty provided by McNamara Fencing I understand that failure to complete this
    form and provide accurate information may affect the validity of the warranty.

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